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Due to the delay and then cancellation of our Quadrennial Calling u event, we will hold electronic elections this year.  Click link below to the corresponding nominee profiles.  Here is a brief summary of the voting process:

  • Two (2) Board of Director nominees representing each Conference of the North Central Jurisdiction are on the ballot.  Dakotas, East Ohio, Illinois Great Rivers & Iowa conferences have one (1) nominee.

  • The nominees are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Election requires a 50% majority plus one of valid ballots cast.

  • The North Central Jurisdiction will elect four (4) Directors and two (2) Alternates.

  • The voting delegates include: Bishops, Directors/Program Advisory Group, NCJ Leadership Executive Team, the Representative Deaconess/Home Missioner, and Conference Voting Delegates.

  • Voting will take place on Friday, July 10:  5pm-8pm (est) / 4pm-7pm (cst)

  • FYI: voting results for 2021-2024 --

Board of Directors:
Krishna Heyward – Indiana
Ruby Anderson – Michigan
Dawn Armstrong – Dakotas
Roxie Hutsell – West Ohio

Camille McCaskill – Illinois Great Rivers
Lynn Calvert – Iowa    


Leadership Team:

President – Marchelle Phelps

Vice President – Patricia Bostic

Secretary – Becky Heeren

Treasurer – Sylvia Kempton

Chair of Nominations – Elizabeth Everitt

Virginia Coates, Nominations

Dr. Linda Johnson Crowell, Nominations

Elizabeth Jayapalan, Nominations

Simmie Proctor, Nominations

Nominee Profiles

   (videos below)



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