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Connection to God: Prayer Beads
Gladys Alvarez

Is there an unlikely item which reminds you of God’s presence?  Do you have an ordinary item which moves you to think of God?  Participants of the spiritual growth session will be introduced to benefits of prayer beads through excerpts from Kristin Vincent’s book A Bead and a Prayer.  Each participant will create their own set to continue blending the practice into their daily prayer life.

Everyone has a Right to a Living Wage
Carol Barton - National Office

The Living Wage is more than minimum wage or even $15/hour.  It includes what it takes for a family to pay for basic needs of housing, food, transportation, healthcare, taxes and other necessities in each community.  You will learn the many ways that a family Living Wage is undermined and why so many women, immigrants and people of color are concentrated in low-wage jobs.  You will learn how this is a Biblical issue, and why this is a justice issue for UMW and how units can find out what’s happening in your own community or state and how to build alliances and advocate for a Living Wage.

Christina - Liz.jpg
How Just is My Energy and Why Should I Care?
Caring for God’s Creation by advancing just energy for all!
Christina Krost and Elizabeth Chun Hye Lee

We are fortunate to live in a time where we have access to energy for all our needs.  But is the energy that fuels these needs just?  How is it impacting the lives and health of women, children and youth in the US and around the world?  Are we destroying God’s Creation?  How can we “Be Just. Be Green.”  We will look at what the Bible says, our own personal energy consumption patterns, who it impacts and UMW’s “Just Energy for All” campaign.  Also, how we can be a part of advocating for energy that is cleaner and more just for God’s people.

Jessie - Nichea.jpg
Living into the Charter for Racial Justice
Jessie Cunningham and Nichea VerVeer Guy

The Charter for Racial Justice is a document that is a legacy from United Methodist Women that embraces the needs for seeking and living into racial equality.  You are invited to come and continue the journey as we look at how the relevance of the Charter assists us today as we engage for racial justice.

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